Carpentry is probably a profession that is no stranger to us today. To make beautiful and sophisticated products, it takes a lot of steps from the idea to make ideas about things to do, then sawing, closing and decorating, cleaning, and coloring the products. In those working stages, there are many factors that directly and indirectly affect the carpenter. Therefore, finding and owning a suitable respirator for yourself when exposed and working in a dusty environment like sawdust is extremely necessary. However, the users still do not fully understand the uses and still think wrong about this type of woodworking dust mask.

dust masks for woodworking
dust masks for woodworking

The working principles of the woodworking dust mask

Artificial respirators use a combination of a filter cartridge (filter) to remove gases, volatile organic compounds, and other vapors from the air by adsorption and adsorption. A typical respirator filter is a metal or plastic container containing 25 to 40 grams of adsorbent elements such as activated carbon or certain resins. The life of a chemical filter varies based on different parameters, according to the carbon weight and molecular weight of the vapor and the transfer parameters, the concentration of water vapor in the air, the relative humidity of zero. Gas, and breathing rate of the user respirator. When the filter becomes saturated, or particles accumulate in it begins to restrict airflow, we have to change the filter.

The purpose of the gas mask is to let the air be polluted or a variety of contaminants, remove a sufficient amount of these contaminants and then supply the air to the user. Use different filters for different working environments — the amount of air reaching the user through one or more screens for the user to breathe.

The filters must be combined for the contaminants to remove. Some dust masks are designed to remove delicate particulate matter, such as dust generated during woodworking.  Also, they can use when used in combination with appropriate filters to remove volatile organic compounds for humans — used in many spray paints.

Mistakes when thinking about dust masks for woodworking

  • Gas masks work like ordinary masks

Many people still believe that gas masks are just an ordinary mask. But it is an entirely wrong error, and a regular cover only has the effect of limiting dust, shading. While the costumes, in addition to that effect, also can combat toxic chemicals, bacteria due to the environment, health safety.

In terms of structure, dust masks are also entirely different from regular covers. While costumes are usually just a layer of cloth, dust-proof paper, etc., a gas mask is composed of many layers. In particular, the filter layer helps to filter out unpleasant and toxic odors, so make sure that the air you inhale is immaculate.

  • Mistake high-priced gas masks

You might think the gas masks work so well, mostly imported products cost a lot. But in fact, you only need to spend a few hundred thousand to buy a quality gas mask.

More and more units are providing gas masks. Therefore, the price of the gas mask is entirely appropriate. Moreover, this type of cover can repeatedly bus, only need to replace the filter as new, so it is very economical and cheap compared to regular masks.

  • Respirators for use only in the chemical industry

Gas masks used heavily in the chemical industry due to the hazardous working environment. However, nowadays, gas masks are used in more areas of life.

Even in families can also buy a gas mask to prevent fire, gas leaks occur. Or even in agriculture, people can also use respirators during spraying.

Moreover, in the present life, environmental pollution, harmful dust, and smoke directly affect health. So the use of gas masks is essential. Therefore, not only in the chemical industry but can respirators be more commonly used.

  • Mistakes have only one type of cover

When it comes to gas masks, people will only think of the kind of gas masks that defense soldiers often use. However, gas masks are not only such a type, but there are also many types of gas masks suitable for use.

From half-face masks, hooded masks, or oxygen masks. Each type of cover will have its function and price. Therefore, when you want to use the gas mask, you should choose the model that best suits your needs and the most money.

  • Gas masks are difficult to use

Despite knowing the significant effects of gas masks, but because of the fear of challenging to use masks, few people use this type of cover. However, according to those who have been using a mask, this type of cover is elementary to use. You need to make sure the costume is tight to the face, then use a sturdy seat belt around the head that is enough. Gas masks will promote the function of protecting human health very well, even in severe cases.

Gas masks are useful labor protection devices to minimize and prevent occupational accidents and health when workers perform tasks or work in environments with many risk factors. Therefore, carpenters need to equip themselves with the necessary labor protection equipment for themselves and workers to ensure maximum safety for users and achieve the highest work efficiency. Depending on the budget, you can spend on personal protective equipment for yourself. Through this article, you know how wrong you were when thinking about anti-toxic masks, so find and own yourself a suitable anti-toxic cover right before it’s too late.