It was a problem that makes me stress, when my plants died due to my carelessness, forgot to water the plants. Not only me but even my dear neighbors have to think about this issue. Forget watering plants or watering plants too much causes our plants to be quickly removed, which is what most bonsai lovers don’t want.

I have been thinking a lot, in a day there are so many things to do that make me lose watering the plants, going to work, taking care of the children, going to the market and cooking, etc are the things that make those plants potted die. Moreover, too moist soil makes plants susceptible to disease. Therefore, I searched for devices capable of measuring soil moisture and, more specifically, I found a product with sound notification feature, which will help me remember my bonsai.

Today’s product is called Famous Moisture Sensor Meter Moisture Sensor Hygrometer for Garden Yard. You can search for this product easily on Amazon site, with price only $ 6.09.


It is a unique and outstanding device in today’s moisture meter products. With a bird-shaped design and covered with colorful colors, they are exceptionally stand out. There are four colors to choose from: red, blue, yellow and black. They look so cute and lovely. When combined with ornamental pots, it will create beautiful scenery and blend with nature more than products with common designs. However, this design is charming but is a disadvantage when it cannot display soil moisture data. Besides, this product has a built-in battery.

The second part is 2 metal detectors with a length of 12.6cm. It is an important and very sensitive part so you need to be careful during installation and use


Material: Resin Metal

Overall length: 17.5cm / 6.89in

Length of probe: 12.6cm / 4.96in  

Bird height: 8.6cm / 3.39in

Bird width: 3.6cm / 1.42in

Package weight: approx.62g


A special feature of this product, which the manufacturer introduced is that it will sing when your soil lacks water and stop singing when the water is enough, another bonus feature, this function will automatically turn off when the night comes, avoiding everyone’s sleep disturbance. I especially love this feature of the product; the song is very loud and smooth. This advantage that makes me love and orders it. This is also a product for those who forget to water plants like me.

This moisture meter is truly an indispensable device in your garden since this product my plants are always drinking enough water and some plants are blooming and it’s so beautiful. Ah, this product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

There are a few notes for this product:     

1. After inserting the probe into wet soil, the singing function will stop. But If the singing function is still there, please water the plants. If the product sings automatically in sunlight, it means that the electricity is sufficient.

2. Probe tips need cleaning regularly with fine abrasive paper.

3. The PH value of soil should be between 3 and 8.

4. Watering is required when it sings every 15 seconds.

5. Insert the tip deeply and near the the root ball, but carefully to avoid breakage.

My verdict

Score: 8.5 / 10


  • Useful feature: There is an alarm when the land lacks water
  • Pretty design
  • Low price
  • Available battery
  • Can be used for plants indoors and outdoors


  • Do not display the data of soil moisture

A device for measuring soil moisture for plants is extremely necessary for bonsai lovers. This product will not disappoint you, try and experience it. I highly recommend this product. You will NEVER forget your bonsai again.