The importance of a wood moisture meter with a carpenter

Today I will introduce to you about the essential role of a wood moisture meter with a carpenter. The important thing in this article is that I will show you clearly about the wood moisture meter and the work of a carpenter every day. That is the reason why I will share with you a story about my father – an old carpenter.

What is a carpenter?

My father has worked as a carpenter for about 30 years. He is an extremely responsible and passionate person that I have never been seen before. He is always a good example of the spirit of work and hard work for me especially the young generation. So let’s me answer you the question  : ” What is a carpenter ?” and ” What does a carpenter do every day?”. I think that Carpenter is a person that is very popular with many people. A carpenter is a person who works with wood. They can make cabinets, build houses or do other things with wood. The main work of my father is to make tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, doors and many other wood objects in house. Carpenters usually make very good foremen on larger jobs as they deal with so much of the project from ground up. Carpenters are always adding to their tools and always learning how to use the new tools, materials, and ways of working with wood. So they are always creative and enthusiasm with their job.

What does a carpenter do?

This is a common question that many of us want to know. A carpenter can do custom work for customers or businesses. The carpenters construct and repair building structures and frameworks and they also install cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms as well as install drywall and siding. My father made carpentry right at home every day. I can see that he works with wood from the morning to the night. One day of his work will start at about 7:30 o’clock and end at about 6 pm. He does not think that it is a hard work and he does not feel tired with this job because he has a passion and enthusiasm for work. He is a handmade carpenter in my village. Although the products that he made are household appliances and simple objects such as chairs, tables, cabinets, beds and so on, I think every carpenter also needs high skills and categories. Many carpenters will choose to focus their skill in one of two broad ranging categories. Rough carpenters will focus on building things that need to be simple and structural. This includes framing for houses or crates for shipping. Finish carpenter will focus on things that are detailed and artistic.

How important of a wood moisture meter to the carpenter?

Moreover, my father shares that besides the high skills and categories, the important thing of a carpenter is essential tools. I will show you some important tools of a carpenter that are sawing machine, wood drilling machine, woodworking machine, sanding machine, and toolbox. However, that is not enough because a carpenter also needs other protective equipment such as worker clothes, baseball cap, safety shoes, protective gloves, rubber gloves, rain gear, raincoats gowns, safety boots, gas masks, porter shoulder pads. But a tool that is indispensable of a carpenter is a wood moisture meter.

A wood moisture meter is a kind of modern measuring device, which has a small size, making it more portable and easy to handle. So it is convenient for moving to other places. Using a wood moisture meter is very important with any professional construction works, building contractors or anyone working with building materials especially carpenters. There are some following reasons that I want to introduce you:

  • The wood moisture meter is the best solution for carpenters to eliminate problems such as curving, warping, cracking, breaking when processing wood.
  • Checking the humidity for wood is necessary any time to protect interior design products from curving, warping, and breaking.
  • A wood moisture meter helps you check the moisture for wood very quickly and exactly. That will help your checking wood moisture easier.
  • A wood moisture meter can measure very deeply in wood and give us an accurate result.   

In conclusion

I always see a wood moisture meter in my father’s box tool. In my opinion, we should consider buying a moisture meter for wood to have a good result and effect in working. With some specific and useful information that I give you here, I hope you will understand more about the wood moisture meter and hope you success in your work.

Dust masks for woodworking and unexpected things

Carpentry is probably a profession that is no stranger to us today. To make beautiful and sophisticated products, it takes a lot of steps from the idea to make ideas about things to do, then sawing, closing and decorating, cleaning, and coloring the products. In those working stages, there are many factors that directly and indirectly affect the carpenter. Therefore, finding and owning a suitable respirator for yourself when exposed and working in a dusty environment like sawdust is extremely necessary. However, the users still do not fully understand the uses and still think wrong about this type of woodworking dust mask.

dust masks for woodworking
dust masks for woodworking

The working principles of the woodworking dust mask

Artificial respirators use a combination of a filter cartridge (filter) to remove gases, volatile organic compounds, and other vapors from the air by adsorption and adsorption. A typical respirator filter is a metal or plastic container containing 25 to 40 grams of adsorbent elements such as activated carbon or certain resins. The life of a chemical filter varies based on different parameters, according to the carbon weight and molecular weight of the vapor and the transfer parameters, the concentration of water vapor in the air, the relative humidity of zero. Gas, and breathing rate of the user respirator. When the filter becomes saturated, or particles accumulate in it begins to restrict airflow, we have to change the filter.

The purpose of the gas mask is to let the air be polluted or a variety of contaminants, remove a sufficient amount of these contaminants and then supply the air to the user. Use different filters for different working environments — the amount of air reaching the user through one or more screens for the user to breathe.

The filters must be combined for the contaminants to remove. Some dust masks are designed to remove delicate particulate matter, such as dust generated during woodworking.  Also, they can use when used in combination with appropriate filters to remove volatile organic compounds for humans — used in many spray paints.

Mistakes when thinking about dust masks for woodworking

  • Gas masks work like ordinary masks

Many people still believe that gas masks are just an ordinary mask. But it is an entirely wrong error, and a regular cover only has the effect of limiting dust, shading. While the costumes, in addition to that effect, also can combat toxic chemicals, bacteria due to the environment, health safety.

In terms of structure, dust masks are also entirely different from regular covers. While costumes are usually just a layer of cloth, dust-proof paper, etc., a gas mask is composed of many layers. In particular, the filter layer helps to filter out unpleasant and toxic odors, so make sure that the air you inhale is immaculate.

  • Mistake high-priced gas masks

You might think the gas masks work so well, mostly imported products cost a lot. But in fact, you only need to spend a few hundred thousand to buy a quality gas mask.

More and more units are providing gas masks. Therefore, the price of the gas mask is entirely appropriate. Moreover, this type of cover can repeatedly bus, only need to replace the filter as new, so it is very economical and cheap compared to regular masks.

  • Respirators for use only in the chemical industry

Gas masks used heavily in the chemical industry due to the hazardous working environment. However, nowadays, gas masks are used in more areas of life.

Even in families can also buy a gas mask to prevent fire, gas leaks occur. Or even in agriculture, people can also use respirators during spraying.

Moreover, in the present life, environmental pollution, harmful dust, and smoke directly affect health. So the use of gas masks is essential. Therefore, not only in the chemical industry but can respirators be more commonly used.

  • Mistakes have only one type of cover

When it comes to gas masks, people will only think of the kind of gas masks that defense soldiers often use. However, gas masks are not only such a type, but there are also many types of gas masks suitable for use.

From half-face masks, hooded masks, or oxygen masks. Each type of cover will have its function and price. Therefore, when you want to use the gas mask, you should choose the model that best suits your needs and the most money.

  • Gas masks are difficult to use

Despite knowing the significant effects of gas masks, but because of the fear of challenging to use masks, few people use this type of cover. However, according to those who have been using a mask, this type of cover is elementary to use. You need to make sure the costume is tight to the face, then use a sturdy seat belt around the head that is enough. Gas masks will promote the function of protecting human health very well, even in severe cases.

Gas masks are useful labor protection devices to minimize and prevent occupational accidents and health when workers perform tasks or work in environments with many risk factors. Therefore, carpenters need to equip themselves with the necessary labor protection equipment for themselves and workers to ensure maximum safety for users and achieve the highest work efficiency. Depending on the budget, you can spend on personal protective equipment for yourself. Through this article, you know how wrong you were when thinking about anti-toxic masks, so find and own yourself a suitable anti-toxic cover right before it’s too late.

The pliers dead and some important notes when using this tool

It can be seen that the pliers can be considered as one of the most important devices that are so popular and widely used by a lot of people nowadays. There are so many pliers on the market with many different types, sizes, structures, and functions for us to choose. That helps us have a lot of choices to select the best pliers set for our needs. However, that is also difficult for us to choose the appropriate pliers while we do not have deep knowledge of each plier on the market. So in this article, I will give you some information about one of the most popular pliers – pliers dead and some notes that you need to know when using this device.

What are the pliers dead?

Generally, this is a common question that many of us want to know the answer. Most of the pliers have the same definition. The pliers are a handheld tool that is designed to hold objects firmly. Moreover, the pliers are also very useful for bending and compressing a wide range of materials. The pliers dead are also a handheld tool that is designed with a compact and simple structure. There are a lot of pliers with so many different types for us to choose from. Each plier will have different structures to perform different functions for human’s needs. There are some popular pliers that we need to know some general information including the electronic pliers, multi-function versatile pliers, pointed beak pliers, plucking wire pliers, and electric cutting pliers. Both of them have high applications in many important areas of our society such as the electricity industry, mechanical industry, and telecommunication industry. Moreover, these pliers are also very popular with common electrical works at the home of every family.

Some prominent applications of the pliers dead in our life

It can not deny that the pliers dead play an important role in many different fields in our life. This device is one of the most modern tools that have high applications in our life. The pliers dead are not only useful for electrical works at home but also useful for mechanical works, electricity works, and telecommunication works. Because the head of the pliers dead is made of high- quality steel, this device can remove tightened screws that some common pliers can not do. Besides, the pliers dead can also hold the head of objects tightly without using hand force. So we can save the energy of our hands when we use the pliers dead. Last but not least, the pliers dead can work with high speed and bring us high efficiency during working. Although the pliers dead are quite cheap on the market nowadays, this tool is one of the best devices that helps us a lot in many important areas in our life. So it is very easy for people to have the pliers dead without wasting a lot of money.

Some important notes when using the pliers dead

Although the pliers dead are very useful and bring us a lot of benefits for our life, there are some notes that you must know when using this device. So I will introduce to you some notes here to help you get the best efficiency when you work with this device.

  • One of the most important notes that you need to care is using the pliers dead with right purpose: why did I say that? Because each plier will have different structures to perform its functions in our life. We should not use the pliers dead to cut wires that are too hard. Because that can cause broken pliers and reduce the lifespan of the pliers.
  • We should not use the pliers dead as a hammer: for example, when we want to close something without a hammer, we will have a thought of using the pliers dead to close instead of using a hammer. That is a bad problem if you do that. You should stop doing that as soon as possible. Besides, we also stop using the hammer to close the pliers dead when we want to cut hard wire and nut.
  • Last but not least, we should not use the pliers dead to cut the heating wire. Because the head of the pliers dead is also made of steel, it can be abrasive when it encountered hot objects. That can make your pliers reduce work efficiency.


I have already shared with you some information about the pliers dead and some important notes when using this device. I hope you can get them and choose the appropriate pliers for your needs.

Woodworking Clamps Is Necessary

If you have consumed any time in the workshop of someone who has been preparing woodworking during a while, you have probably seen a collection of clamps built on a wall. Probabilities are, the wall of braces is made up of various apparitions and sizes. Clamps are one of the must-have tools for a woodworker. It’s also one of the devices where a workaround is available. To produce quality output, you will have to spend in a set of woodworking clamps. Like most produce in woodworking, there is an excess of options available for you to collect from. Subsequently, I will go over some of the most regular types of clamps that you will find as you begin your search. I will also try to help you decide which woodworking clamp you need so you do not end up acquiring a high set that ends up sitting in the corner wasting silver and precious shop term.

Trigger Clamps

These are probably the most basic clamps that you determination find. These are very familiar in the big box dwelling improvement stores, and you’ll find numerous different brands available. These clamps are rather inadequate and lightweight in measurement. Typically, you’ll find that those best woodworking clamps range from periods of about 4” to neighboring 12”. They are constructed so that a nickname (or trigger) can be pressed which allows you to compress or loosen the grip on your workpiece quickly. These woodworking clamps come with synthetic pads on the jaws to reduce the risk of them destroying the merchandise you are clamping. Clamping power on those assemblies is small when used individually, principally because they are constructed of plastic. I would urge only using these woodworking clamps to continue small pieces down, or the use of more massive braces isn’t viable. Depending on the size, you can separate those up toward $5-$ ten apiece. For someone just commencing out, I would suggest remaining around 4 of these on the grip as they continuously come in handy around the store. A set of the best woodworking clamps would be one of my preeminent purchases if I were just starting out.

Here’s an excellent set that the carpenters have recommended several times to parents, including friends. I have never learned anyone has an ailment with them. This particular set is a character pack, which I imagine is helpful for someone just starting the explanation with their clamp collection.

C Clamps

These clamps have been throughout perpetually. If you passed up throughout a shop, you probably struck with these as a kid. These are called “C clamps” because they resemble the letter “C”! These clamps are virtually always constructed of metal and can become in an extensive range of sizes. You should pick them up in dimensions as small as 1” and go on up to 12” for home application and even higher for industry-specific employment.

C Clamps will supply you more clamping constraint than the trigger clamps from above. The drawback to using them again the trigger clamps is the agility of getting them set. With the trigger clamps, you squeeze the nickname, adjust the clamp, and you are done. The C clamp requires you to resolve the tightness of the clamp by turning a handle which can be time-consuming.

One of the impediments to using a C Clamp on a woodworking project comes with over-tightening. The organization of the designation and screw allow users to utilize further revolution, which can easily lead to over-tightening. Most C clamps do not possess pads on the mouths. If you are clamping a wood that is soft, it is effortless to put a cut in the piece by crushing it too far. I would propose adding a piece of cloth or scrap wood between the jaw and woodland to prevent the cuts and guns.

For someone just causing to build up the tools in the workshop, a set of C woodworking clamps is terrific to have. The recommendation is picking a couple of woodworking clamps in 2 or 3 assorted sizes just to have around. From my experience, these are not a high priority. Amazon might be a good option for you to pick up a few of these in advance for a low price. I will not value HF as your first alternative for all of your tools due to character reasons, but I do think you would be found to arrange some of their C Clamps.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe bar clamps are reasonably the most heavy-duty woodworking clamps that you can purchase for your shop. What the carpenters savor about them is that they are stable and sturdy, but not horribly costly for what you get. When you select to obtain a set, you may be involved if you have never noticed them before. Typically, the central part that you are buying is the clamping tool, and when looking at them, they resemble rather unimpressive and meager. However, this mechanism is only the first installment of your purchase. Once you have chosen the size you crave, ½” or 3⁄4,” you will then need to serve to your local hardware market and purchase some steel gas pipes. Once you have both the tube and the clamping mechanism, it’s as easy as sliding the clamps onto the container, and you are ready to go.


Another common charge that I hear from time to participation is that bar clamps can leave a residual on a person’s project due to the grease, including residue on the pipes. If this is a constant concern for you, I’d recommend putting some old rags between your workpiece and the pipes to ensure they don’t rub one another as an extra layer of protection. The beautiful thing about individual clamps is that they are interchangeable. Once you have braces, you can acquire multiple lengths of pipe and catch the woodworking clamps off and remove them to set with the width you aspire. The only something you should be mindful of is purchased the same vessel thickness (½” or ¾”).

One drawback to these woodworking clamps is the point that the throat can be somewhat short. The throat is the distance between the jaw and the inside mount of the clamp. I seldom refer to it as the “grips” or “feet” that the braces have to hold your piece into place. If you are gluing up some tabletops or cutting lumber, a set of pipeline bar clamps is the most popular route to perform. Their strength and peace of use cannot be beaten.

F Clamps (Bar Clamps)

These are easily the best woodworking clamps that the woodworkers approach for the most in my shop. I use these for everything.  These clamps function much like some pipe clamps that we talked earlier but are much smaller in measure. They are sometimes connected to as F Clamps because they work to look like the letter “F” when others are on their sides.

As I said, bar braces function much like a pipe clamp in that there is a level on the bottom that lets you pronto move the lower jaw up or down to get it close to your scheme. Then, to crush it, you begin applying a handle that will touch the more moderate jaw closer to your project, which then begins implementing pressure.

The beautiful notion about bar clamps is that they come with padding on the jaws to help protect your wood from getting dents plus scratches that may occur from over-tightening. This is an especially lovely peculiarity when you are repairing up a large project and not begetting to frequently stop to put a piece like a quarrel wood between the woodworking clamp and your outline.


All in all, these clamps come in a wide range of sizes. Thus, you restroom pluck some up as short as 6” and up. You must use a set that is 48” in length, but the shaft is executed of aluminum. However, you should not use these regularly because the aluminum isn’t as sturdy as I like. When you get to this site, you should typically just shift over to remarkable pipe clamps. For the end, I highly advocate bar clamps up to regarding 36” though.

[REVIEWS] Famous moisture sensor meter moisture sensor hygrometer for the garden yard.

It was a problem that makes me stress, when my plants died due to my carelessness, forgot to water the plants. Not only me but even my dear neighbors have to think about this issue. Forget watering plants or watering plants too much causes our plants to be quickly removed, which is what most bonsai lovers don’t want.

I have been thinking a lot, in a day there are so many things to do that make me lose watering the plants, going to work, taking care of the children, going to the market and cooking, etc are the things that make those plants potted die. Moreover, too moist soil makes plants susceptible to disease. Therefore, I searched for devices capable of measuring soil moisture and, more specifically, I found a product with sound notification feature, which will help me remember my bonsai.

Today’s product is called Famous Moisture Sensor Meter Moisture Sensor Hygrometer for Garden Yard. You can search for this product easily on Amazon site, with price only $ 6.09.


It is a unique and outstanding device in today’s moisture meter products. With a bird-shaped design and covered with colorful colors, they are exceptionally stand out. There are four colors to choose from: red, blue, yellow and black. They look so cute and lovely. When combined with ornamental pots, it will create beautiful scenery and blend with nature more than products with common designs. However, this design is charming but is a disadvantage when it cannot display soil moisture data. Besides, this product has a built-in battery.

The second part is 2 metal detectors with a length of 12.6cm. It is an important and very sensitive part so you need to be careful during installation and use


Material: Resin Metal

Overall length: 17.5cm / 6.89in

Length of probe: 12.6cm / 4.96in  

Bird height: 8.6cm / 3.39in

Bird width: 3.6cm / 1.42in

Package weight: approx.62g


A special feature of this product, which the manufacturer introduced is that it will sing when your soil lacks water and stop singing when the water is enough, another bonus feature, this function will automatically turn off when the night comes, avoiding everyone’s sleep disturbance. I especially love this feature of the product; the song is very loud and smooth. This advantage that makes me love and orders it. This is also a product for those who forget to water plants like me.

This moisture meter is truly an indispensable device in your garden since this product my plants are always drinking enough water and some plants are blooming and it’s so beautiful. Ah, this product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

There are a few notes for this product:     

1. After inserting the probe into wet soil, the singing function will stop. But If the singing function is still there, please water the plants. If the product sings automatically in sunlight, it means that the electricity is sufficient.

2. Probe tips need cleaning regularly with fine abrasive paper.

3. The PH value of soil should be between 3 and 8.

4. Watering is required when it sings every 15 seconds.

5. Insert the tip deeply and near the the root ball, but carefully to avoid breakage.

My verdict

Score: 8.5 / 10


  • Useful feature: There is an alarm when the land lacks water
  • Pretty design
  • Low price
  • Available battery
  • Can be used for plants indoors and outdoors


  • Do not display the data of soil moisture

A device for measuring soil moisture for plants is extremely necessary for bonsai lovers. This product will not disappoint you, try and experience it. I highly recommend this product. You will NEVER forget your bonsai again.

The Quality Wood Chisels


Whether the wood chisels are tremendously needed when it comes to the practical process of woodworking is a controversial question. Some people approve while others oppose. This writing is going to give you some insights look on this issue and voice my opinion.


Generally speaking, wood chisels is one of the most useful tools you would probably find in term of effective in your job. The problem is how much you should spend on this to balance between the investment and the profit. I myself personally think that the tools in every work environment are essential if you do not want to say that it must have. The problem-solving part is just uncountable when it comes to the best wood chisels you could easily find on the internet or the woodworking store nearby. The more money you spend, the higher the earning you can get in total.


It is clearly seen that under skillful is one of the reasons why fresh carpenters do not want to use the chisels in their project. Similarly to the matter on the machine revolution, you will get the idea shape of your wood log without a single touch with your hand. However, the craftsmanship is not the thing that any kinds of mechanic tools can eventually get it done. That is the reason why so many practical training lesson and woodworking books are on the stock. Never have the customer experienced the market share that is full of choice as this modern days. As a result, sculptor should get their products correctly done or taking a massive debt and “reputation”.

What the Quality Chisels are?

In an idea-able looking, the term quality is seemed to be too hard to reach. Meanwhile, the stiffness of wood chisels is on the debating of how hard it would be the exact need of you. I can not tell you the precise number because it takes a lot of physic and science information to call it out in the form you can understand. In fact, almost every chisel has a stiffness that can break the concrete wall without cracking sigh. On the one hand, the meaning of this could be understood that no need to purchase too expensive one for the project.

The Awareness

On the other hand, the brittleness of the material is on the consideration edge. It is not good that you would have been stopped your work just because of the break chisels. Moreover, the limitation of the human eye cannot be avoided in term of the quality certificate. The fastest and safest way to get the quality wood chisels is to keep up with the famous brand that confirmed by other carpenters. Notice that you can always tag along with a friend to get the right choice right in the first place. Not only it will save you precious time, but the correct decision is also the motivation for you in another project in the future. Besides, the quality one would gain your efficiency in woodworking and play an important role when it comes to the complicated and complex tasks such as sculpt and digging into the middle of the wood log.


The size is one thing that needs to be considered. You do not want to wrap a bunch of them without the format correctly. When I talk about the size of woodworking chisels, I mean that the edge of the cut part of them. Notably, the more significant the line you want to create, the higher the number of the size you want to buy. Similarly, if you just tend to produce a blur illusion, you only need to size down the chisels and apply a little pressure on them while working. It is not accepted to get a fluctuation line on the surface area of the wood, it would destroy the whole effort you put on. Slowly but make sure you can apply the same force and acceleration to it.


Overall, the role of the woodworking chisels is undeniable in my opinion. This has been confirmed by numerous expert in this field and also concreted by a various number of master in woodworking. No need to hesitate anymore, get yourself a set of woodworking chisels right away to insure the job have been done excellently as it always should be.